What's Macchiato ?

Espresso Macchiato . [mock-e-AH-toe] Some say this is espresso with about a half inch of milk foam (no steamed milk). But some strongly disagree. One enthusiast writes of the above definition: "Surely not. Macchiato (lit. "marked") is a dash of milk or cream in espresso." Another writes "the chap who serves me espresso, and who has been roasting coffee and selling and leasing machines for several years ....tells me that Macchiato is made with half-and-half."

From Australia: " 'Macchiato' has two variations here - long and short. 'Short' is an espresso (in the mandatory micro cup) with just a dash of milk. This is the default at most trad. Italian mum & dad restaurants. 'Long' is a _glass_ with two shots of espresso, and small amount of milk. The peak of macchiato making is to pour the milk in so slowly that it never makes it to the bottom of the glass. The resulting layered drink has been known to inspire fear in the novice drinker. This the default at coffee houses. Both of these _seemed_ to have started out in small glasses (about 175ml) but the fashionable have demanded ever larger glasses - of about 375ml.

Starbucks defines Espresso Macchiato as "1 shot of espresso in a demitasse [topped with] a small dollop of foamed milk.

Finally, this somewhat similar variation: "The coffeehouse I work at serves as Macchiato, a layered cappuccino. 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 espresso sitting on that (not mixed), and finally 1/3 milk foam. When served in glass, it is quite elegant, and when drunk, the foam insulates the coffee for temperatures sake, the espresso hits the palate first, and finally, the slightly sweet steamed milk washes the palate. a fine beverage, though perhaps not the standard."

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